Bottling beer is fun, especially when we made the beer. (Part 3: Live Oak Hefeweizen Clone Homebrew)

I am pretty much in love with home-brewing, and the other day it was time for my husband and I to get our bottle on! Wahoo. Yep. It was time to bottle our Live Oak Hefeweizen Clone.

After sanitizing all of our bottles, we transferred the beer from the glass carboy from part 2 of our home-brew adventure to a third plastic bucket that has a bottling nozzle.

First things first, though. We got 2 cups of water boiling in a saucepan, and added a 4 oz. package priming sugar in order to create sugar water. Once the sugar and water were one, we removed the pan from the burner, and allowed it to cool down to 80 degrees F. Then, we poured it into the big plastic container. Basically, the sugar water will create the CO2 in the bottles. I don't completely understand how it works, but it's pretty cool.

Next, we used a little contraption called a thief to pull a sample of the beer to test with a hydrometer.

You may recall I broke our first hydrometer, but thanks to my mom, we were able to borrow hers before the one I ordered from Amazon arrived. Whew. We were able to confirm our beer's alcohol content at a little over 5% ABV, just like it's supposed to be! Man, we're good.

Then, we used our handy dandy siphoning tool and hose to transfer the beer from the glass carboy to the plastic container with the sugar. Easy breezy. Time to bottle!

Using the nozzle conveniently connected to the container, we filled twelve 22 oz. bottles, and over 40 12 oz. bottles. Dang. And we still had some left over in the container!!! Obviously we would have to taste it, for quality control and all of that.

Guess what? It tasted REALLY good! It worked! WE DID IT!!! I couldn't have been more excited that our beer was so tasty.

Putting the bottle caps on the bottles was pretty fun. We have a fun little bottle-cap-putter-onner that made the whole process simple, and quick.

But now, we wait. Ugh. More waiting. Three weeks until we can enjoy the product of our creation. I know we can't wait to crack open #1!

Our IPA is ready to head into the glass carboy for clarifying, so stick around to learn more, and continue with us on our home-brew adventures!

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  1. How exciting! We have completed four batches so far and are going to be getting ingredients for the fifth very soon. The Live Oak Hefeweizen sounds pretty great! So far we love home brewing! Fun, tasty, and it's great always having beer on hand -- especially when you make it yourself! :-)


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