Apparently, I love hot dogs.

Did you know July is National Hot Dog month? I didn't, but two years ago, (well, it'll be 2 years in a few days!), I discovered a LOT about the iconic summer staple: The Hot Dog. To benefit from my astounding hot diggity dog research and a flashback to a quote from one of my favorite movies, follow this link.

But like I said, I didn't know that July was National Hot Dog month, but I sure celebrated like I did! I've eaten a more-than-normal amount of hot dogs in the past couple of weeks, and so I wanted to share the best of the best with you.

Now, you may remember my post on the iconic San Marcos landmark, The Chili Dog Stand. I can't quit thinking about that amazing dog, with that meaty, gravy-like chili that they liberally pour over the top. It's just plain amazing and definitely drool-worthy.

While the Chili Dog Stand dog is classic, I have also had the opportunity to try some more unique takes on the traditional summer grub. Last week, for our July 4th celebrations, my fiancé, soon-to-be step-son and I loaded up the truck, and headed west to Fredericksburg, TX.

After the (awesome) parade, all of our tummies were grumbling like mad. There was no way we could curb our cranky hunger pangs, so we decided that we needed to eat. NOW. Hotwürst ended up being  the answer to our prayers, as it was situated on the main drag in Fredericksburg at 301 E. Main Street.

We followed the signs to an ordering window, where Michael decided on a spicy dog that wasn't a dog at all. Instead, it was a würst made with jalapeños and cheese, and was topped with MORE jalapeños and other accoutrements like cheese and onion. I settled on a dog of a different sort, topped with spicy sauce and a cilantro-lime slaw. I added a dollop of sweet relish on the top for good measure. My finacé's sister was with us, and she opted for the same dog as I did, mostly because it was the best hot dog choice ever… obviously. Way better than Michaels… Kidding. All the dogs on their menu come served on a toasted hoagie roll, with a bag of chips and fountain soda, and each rang in at under $6. NICE!

Anyway, the kiddo decided, for some bizarre reason, that he wasn't into the idea of a hot dog, so he ate chips. Yep, chips… It's fine. I still don't get it.

Anyway, after a short wait, we were presented with our colorful, tart, exciting and surprising hot dogs that filled us up, and kept us talking. The spicy dog Michael ordered was full of awesome textures and didn't skimp on flavor. Woo-wee!

Now, the two of us girls that chose the slaw-topped dog were more than happy with our selection. The slaw was tangy and crunchy and tart and perfectly complimented the meaty hot dog and the spicy and creamy mayo.

The combination of ingredients made our mouths sing and our tummies happy.

And yes, the little one was perfectly happy with his Cheetos.

But my hot dog adventure didn't end in Fredericksburg. The last stop on this trio of hot dog excitement was today at Linda's Fine Foods, located at 500 FM 2325 in Wimberley. Now, I didn't intend on getting a hot dog at Linda's. I didn't expect to even SEE a hot dog on the menu, but there it was, the Banh Mi Hot Dog. What the what?

Photo: Linda's Fine Foods

Yes, a Banh Mi Hot Dog. As it was explained, it's a delicious hot dog with a piece of smoked ham with a pickled topping with carrots that followed traditional Vietnamese flavors.

This hot dog was stunning, both visually and in taste. It was so unique and exciting, and I'm SO glad it ended up tasting just as good and interesting as the concept.

Now, as I take my last bite of the dog, (yes, I'm eating it as I type), I am more than happy with this take on the months' celebration, and American classic.

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