Hydroponic lettuce blows my entire mind. Thank you Nach Yo Taco for blowing my entire mind.

There’s a new trailer in town folks, and its name is Nach YoTaco! I can’t tell you how super stoked I was when I heard there was going to be a new food cart added to Mimi’s Trailer Park Eatery on Guadalpue in San Marcos. I can’t tell you how even more excited I became when the trailer showed up and the rumors became fact. WOO HOO!

So the other day when I finished up with my classes, I casually walked ran down to Mimi’s for some Mexican eats at the new trailer. When I arrived, I quickly realized that Nach Yo Taco was going to be a great new addition to the San Marcos food scene, with its huge menu boasting interesting combinations. Plus, who doesn’t love an airstream?

Just as I was eying the menu, I heard my name being called and what an awesome surprise! My mom came to meet me for lunch. She was pretty pumped about the new trailer too, apparently.

After some hugs and small talk, we got down to business; what in the world would we order? My mom settled on the Mexican Cobb Salad (fresh Mexican greens, cotija cheese, black bean and corn relish, avocado, bacon, boiled egg and house-made citrus ranch dressing) with chicken.

A cobb salad? From a trailer? I know it sounds crazy but if that’s not crazy enough, the chef/owner, Toby, clued me in on the fact that he actually cuts his lettuce TO ORDER… FROM A HYDROPONIC LETTUCE PLANT… THAT HE GETS FRESH DAILY. I think I actually laughed out loud at the awesomeness that was going on inside this airstream. I knew this was going to be a good experience.

After I got over the shock of the lettuce situation, I settled on the Chicken Fajita Taco (chicken fajita meat, grilled sweet onions, lettuce, tomatoes, cotija cheese, cilantro and citrus ranch dressing), and the Tequila Shrimp Taco (tequila shrimp, black bean and corn relish, cilantro and citrus ranch dressing).  

After a short wait, my mom’s Cobb salad was ready, but Chef Toby looked sad. Why so sad? Because he ran clear out of propane. My mom’s awesome looking chicken was the last thing that was going to be able to be cooked for a while, but there was light on the horizon. I could come back later on after he got a refill. Deal.

That didn’t stop my mom and I from enjoying the awesome 82 degree Hill Country day, so we sat outside while she enjoyed her salad and I got something else to tide me over. What did she think? Basically, the lettuce was as fresh as fresh can get, and she really thought it was a perfect base for such a surprisingly delicious salad. I don't know why I constantly get surprised by the various culinary creations prepared in a trailer. I always do though. 

The chicken was cooked perfectly. It was super tender and completely juicy. The seasoning was not at all over powering, and the citrus ranch dressing was plain awesome. It was creamy, tangy and uplifting. Each element was in a nice ratio with the others, so nothing totally took over the dish. I’d say that this was the single best salad out of a food trailer I’d ever encountered, and it’s up there with just salads in general. Bold statement, huh?

Anyway, my mom and I left Mimi’s this afternoon excited about Nach Yo Taco and what was going on inside that mini-kitchen, and I left with the promise that I’d be back in a few hours. The anticipation was killing me! I wanted to try! NOW!

Fast forward to 3:30 p.m. I was back, and the best part was, so was the chef, and some propane! Score! I went back up to the service window and re-ordered the Chicken Fajita Taco and the Tequila Shrimp Taco. But I didn’t stop there. I also ordered the Lemon Pepper Fish Taco (fresh grilled cod, black bean and corn relish, cilantro and lime jalapeno sauce) and chips and salsa…. I know, I know. I was hungry! Whatever!

After only a ten-minute wait, I was presented with a brown paper bag full of hot, crispy chips, a container of the super fresh salsa, and another brown paper bag stuffed with the three tacos I ordered, and some homemade habanero sauce. Wow. This was a lot of food. A lot of BEAUTIFUL food, at that.

I first tried the chips with the salsa and holy cow! That salsa! It was so fresh and it bursted with flavor. If a salsa could be considered refreshing, this was it. What I really liked about it was that I could taste every single ingredient that the chef used. From the tomatoes to the cilantro, the onions to the garlic, it was all there. And that habanero sauce was off the charts too. It wasn't super spicy, since he roasts all the peppers first before doing anything else. The result is a smokey, tangy, kind of sweet and wholly delicious orange bliss.

As I licked some wayward salsa from my arm (don’t ask), I laid my pretty little tacos up in a row, and played eenie meenie miney moe to figure out which I’d start with. I landed on the Fajita Chicken taco. This taco was so bold and bright, just on appearances, with the ruby colored tomatoes, the bright green, freshly cut lettuce and the snow white, crumbled Mexican cotija cheese. There was also a nice amount of meat, which I really appreciated. No skimping here!  

WOO this was a good taco. The chicken was super juicy and nicely seasoned. The freshness of the crazy hydroponic lettuce and veggies added another dimension that would otherwise have been missed. The textures of the corn and black bean relish were complimentary to the rest of the compilation, and I must say that the citrus ranch dressing that the chef uses is amazing. It was a perfect addition to this taco and I was sad when it was gone. Yep. Annihilated. Wow…  

OK! Time to move on to the Lemon Pepper Fish Taco. This was another thing of beauty, let me tell you. Of all the fish tacos I’ve had in my many years of eating fish tacos, this one was special. The cod that was used was grilled lightly, leaving it flaky, tender, juicy, moist, succulent and flat out awesome. The corn and black bean relish made another appearance in this taco, and it’s just so… so good.  I decided on impulse to add some of that awesome fresh salsa. WHAM! A punch of brightness hit me square in the mouth. Yum. Yum. Yum.

Two down, one to go! I left the Tequila Shrimp Taco for the last because I was most excited about it. I don’t know why, but maybe I was feeling daring, eating shrimp from a food trailer. Who knows, but what I do know, is that this was my favorite of the three. The shrimp was cooked so perfectly, not at all chewy or rubbery. That was my biggest fear, but luckily, Chef Toby clearly knows what he’s doing back there. The flavors were bold and brazen, the textures were there again, between the meat, the cabbage and other yummy ingredients. I decided to add some of that habanero sauce. If it could have gotten any better, this is how. The smile on my face was sign enough that this was a taco to be contended with. 

After I finished my three tacos, I sat at my table with a full belly and a happy spirit. What impressed me the most about Nach Yo Taco wasn’t the lettuce that still astounds me, but it was the fact that I could truly taste the passion behind the food. This wasn’t just food made to order, it was food that was prepared with love, excitement and respect. I will for SURE be back here on a regular basis. In fact… it’s sounding pretty good again right now!

Want to go?
Mimi's Trailer Park Eatery
310 N. Guadalupe
San Marcos, TX 78666

When can you go? 
Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.

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